Dentists: it’s time to get your work life balance right

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A new year is the ideal time to ask yourself the big, hairy question…work life balance

Are you happy with your work life balance?

If the answer is no, here’s how you change it in 2017. It’s a two-step approach.

Firstly, make sure you get the horse in front of the cart. Discuss the holidays you want to have with your loved ones.

After all, your employees and your associates are now thinking about their holidays. So you should do the same, shouldn’t you?

Then book your holiday time in your diary. At home AND at work.

Do this and it makes your holiday time sacrosanct. You and your team can plan around it in advance.

On to the second point…

In my last blog, I explained how you stop ‘doing it all’ when you highlight the work you do which doesn’t utilise your strengths. When you consider who else can take up these tasks, instead of you doing them.

I can’t recommend this process enough! It makes you think about the resource(s) you need to free up the time you should have to do other things. To pursue your personal goals. To wing the balance in favour of your life.

So make sure you complete this process.

Then it’s time to consider how you will fund this resource.

financial forecast is key here. It illustrates how your overheads and outgoings will increase when you take on the resource. So you can see whether your business is ready to support it. If not, your accountant can use the forecasting process to establish the financial scenario which will allow you to do so. You can then take the appropriate action to make this scenario a reality.

Now you know what to do, start now.

Make 2017 the year you finally achieve the work life balance of your dreams.

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