3 Ways to Energise Your Reception Team

Your receptionist greets her 20th patient of the day. Answers her umpteenth call.

She’s done this every working day for weeks, years.

So it’s vital to help her to maintain the energy and enthusiasm you need her to exhibit in order to provide an appealing first impression of your business.

I’ve witnessed how those on the ‘front line’ of a dental business can become weary and jaded in their work. This has a significant effect on team culture and the results of the business.

Here are three areas to help give your reception team a boost:

1. Business Values
Discuss, agree and ‘sign up’ to the values which you and your team want to uphold as you work together and serve your patients.

Business values provide a consistent reminder of the standards and expectations of each of your team members as they go about their work. They promote team harmony. And harmony helps keep your team members happy in their work.

When you have harmony it is apparent to and appreciated by your patients. They also pick up when harmony is lacking.

Team values also provide you with a reference point to use to resolve any issues amongst team members which may crop up, as Sean Buckley, a practice owner and principal dentist in Kent attests.

2. Team Communication

Watch a sporting team and you’ll often see them ‘huddle’ together before their match. 

This allows the captain to provide a last word of motivation and focus as they enter the field of competition. The team steps out to play feeling pumped up and ready to go.

Your team is no different. They will benefit from this kind of daily focus too.

A daily huddle highlights patient-facing systems, lays out daily expectations and
promotes a feeling of team unity.

The power of one-to-one meetings with your team members should also not be missed.

Regular appraisals give your team members the chance to formally share their feelings and discuss any issues they are experiencing. Issues which may not be apparent to you.

They help them feel ‘heard’ and provide a platform for discussing how they may develop their roles.

 3. Team accountability

Appraisals also help you formally share your thoughts and feelings about the work and demeanour of your employees.

We’ve all experienced a team member who is a negative influence and adversely affects team culture. Appraisals are a key vehicle for addressing and resolving these issues.

Regular reception meetings can also help you keep them accountable for actions they have agreed to take and reinforce the importance of working systems.

Have a comment or struggling to energise your reception team? Leave a message in the box below and I’ll be sure to come back to you.

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